Unwinding Oracle’s Excessiveness with House of Brick and OpsGuru


Bob Lindquist hosts Bill Hunka, Client Executive at House of Brick partner, OpsGuru. Also joining is Jeff Stonacek, Principal Architect and License Consulting at House of Brick. In this podcast, the conversation focuses on House of Brick and OpsGuru partnering to help clients move databases to AWS – particularly those Oracle customers who are “Unwinding from Oracle Excessiveness.”

Lessons learned include:

  • What are the common “excessive” tactics that Oracle imposes on their customers?
  • Are there options to unwind from excessive platforms like Oracle ODAs and Exadatas?
  • Is it easy for Oracle hardware & software customers to move to AWS?
  • Are the Oracle licensing ramifications different for Oracle hardware customers?
  • How can Oracle customers kickstart their goals to move to AWS?
  • Why is important to consider databases when evacuating data centers to cloud?
  • What is IT and database modernization and how does AWS enable modernization?

The House of Brick Podcast is a series of conversations with important partners and clients. The intent of the podcast is to share, educate and advise listeners on best practices for business-critical database platforms. From Oracle licensing to database cloud migrations, real-world options are discussed, assessed and recommended. Companies looking to optimize their business systems, including reducing costs and improving performance, would benefit from topics such as:

  • Being prepared for a potential Oracle or Microsoft audit
  • Database licensing on premise vs the cloud
  • License management for Oracle & SQL Server
  • Migrating Oracle to an alternative database platform
  • High availability and disaster recovery best practices
  • Virtualization of business-critical systems and database platforms
  • And, other Oracle & SQL Server deployment and license management topics

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