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For more than 20 years, House of Brick has helped clients architect their database infrastructure while optimizing their vendor license spend, keeping compliance at the forefront.

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As the professional and managed services division of OpsCompass, we focus on architecture, license strategy, performance, virtualization, and cloud computing for business-critical Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and MySQL applications. House of Brick specializes in working with customers to reduce their total cost of ownership by optimizing architecture in order to minimize license cost.

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Cloud Migration Licensing Traps for the Unwary

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Has Your CEO Received a Letter from Oracle Recently?

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I have been pleased to find a true partnership in House of Brick Technologies. Their knowledge of Oracle platforms and licensing, as well as the expertise and processes necessary to manage them properly, have allowed us to avoid a variety of costs. We will continue to leverage House of Brick’s expertise for the right approach in optimizing and deploying our mission critical systems.”

Charles Ng

VP Information Technology, All-In-1