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Streamlining Cloud Migration: Humber College’s Success Story

Get the inside scoop on Humber College’s seamless cloud migration and how House of Brick helped them achieve remarkable results.

The Experts With the Most Audits Under Their Belt

House of Brick

Audit Readiness and Defense

Are you in the middle of an Oracle audit or do you fear one might be coming? With hundreds of audit-defense engagements under our belt, we help you face this time-consuming, risky, and confusing experience successfully.

Security and Compliance Assessment

One of the first steps in maximizing your IT investment is assessing your security and compliance posture. Our team identifies any vulnerabilities in your system and recommends how to mitigate them.

Cloud Migration and Modernization

By moving your applications to the cloud, you can reduce costs and eliminate some technical debt. But how much additional business value will it unlock? Modernize your applications to take full advantage of the cloud.

Oracle Database Security

The threat to data has never been greater. Our Oracle database security solution helps you implement and monitor security controls, assess user security, and evaluate your overall risk profile, all from a single dashboard.


Running Oracle ERP Applications and Databases on AWS


Migrating Oracle to AWS: Your Complete Guide


7 Oracle Audit Defense Strategies to Survive an Audit Notice

Expertise with solutions and pioneering technology

Our cloud compliance technology with OpsCompass is your single source of truth for your cloud platform. Now you can stay up to date on your multi-cloud’s infrastructure compliance and rely on our solutions to monitor and manage costs proactively.

Your Digital Transformation Team

Enterprise applications have never been more business-critical, while time to innovation and speed to market have never been more important. Our services enable your company to redefine how you do business.

Our experts are passionate about optimizing your technology investment

  • Optimize costs from software licensing to cloud platform spend
  • Assess cloud readiness and IT moderinization opportunities
  • Ensure your AWS, Azure, or GCP footprint is secure and compliant

“House of Brick has been an ERB respected and trusted partner for the past 4 years. Their expertise with our environment prior to helping migrate to the AWS cloud was invaluable. ... HoB was key in helping us understand the opportunity and mitigate risks in our move to cloud.”

House of Brick

Lawrence Esquibel​

Chief Information Officer, New Mexico Educational Retirement Board​

“As you migrate legacy applications to the cloud, it’s not like moving Lego blocks that fit perfectly together. You need trusted partners like House of Brick to help.”

House of Brick

Ruth Butlin

Director of Enterprise Applications and ITS, Humber College

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