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Live Webinar | Avoid the Common Oracle Cloud Migration Pitfalls

With House of Brick and Cirrus Data

In this webinar, Jeff Stonacek, Chief Technology Officer for House of Brick, and Mark Greenlaw, Vice President of Market Strategy for Cirrus Data, will discuss best practices for Oracle migrations and common challenges.


Jeff Stonacek will review how organizations migrate their business-critical applications from a technical standpoint and how to overcome the licensing hurdles. Mark Greenlaw will explain how businesses can migrate their Oracle database while the application is in use, accelerating the migration and avoiding business disruption.


Low Cost, High Efficiency: Running Oracle ERP Applications and Databases on AWS

What do the Scottish Government, Humber College, Paysafe, The National Australia Bank and a number of U.S. State Governments have in common?

All of them – along with hundreds of others – have already moved their Oracle workloads to the AWS Cloud.

Discover how an effective strategy can help you optimize Oracle licensing contracts. Learn more about the advantages of running Oracle ERP applications and databases on AWS, architecture patterns, deployment options for moving to AWS, and building an effective cloud strategy for Oracle products.

In this webinar:

Join Neill Smith â€“ Head of Infrastructure at the Scottish Government ARE Directorate, and Nick Walter â€“ House of Brick’s Chief Technology Officer, as we explore the best strategies for building a trusted, secure, and cost-optimized cloud environment for Oracle enterprise applications and databases on AWS.

You will learn how to:

  • Optimize Oracle licensing to successfully migrate Oracle ERP applications and databases to the AWS Cloud
  • Identify different deployment strategies for Oracle ERP applications and databases on AWS (e.g. EC2, RDS, or VMware Cloud on AWS)
  • Evaluate different strategies for maintaining Oracle licensing for various cloud deployment strategies, compliance and audit risks

Licensing Oracle and SQL Server on vSphere

VMworld 2020 | Session ID: HCP1634

Oracle and SQL Server databases are licensed very differently than other applications, with many options from which to choose depending on requirements for features, mobility needs, virtualization/consolidation targets, and usage of third-party cloud resources. This breakout session will help you understand the options available to license Oracle and SQL Server database virtual machines. Learn to maximize your database licensing investment while maintaining mobility and minimizing the risk of an audit.

Watch the recording (VMworld login required)


  • Dave Welch, Chief Evangelist, House of Brick Technologies
  • Allan Hirt, Managing Partner, SQLHA LLC

Oracle Databases in a DevOps World

BrightTALK Summit – The Future of Enterprise App Development 2020

Have you automated your entire CI/CD pipeline except for the manual DBA actions? Are untested SQL scripts your main source of deployment issues? You aren’t alone. Many shops that embrace DevOps principles realize improvements in almost all areas… except for databases. In this talk, we will explore both methods for bringing Oracle DBA teams into a DevOps mindset, and practices for leveraging the benefits of DevOps automation for Oracle database operations.


  • Nick Walter, Principal Architect – House of Brick Technologies

Benefits & Challenges of Running Oracle in VMware Cloud on AWS

BrightTALK Summit – Advanced Infrastructure for Digital Transformation

Join us as we discuss running Oracle databases in VMware Cloud (VMC) on AWS. We will explore VMC on AWS architecture and provide an overview for building Oracle databases. We will also discuss the benefits customers experience when running Oracle in VMC, as well as some of the challenges. Additionally, we will share best practices related to Oracle licensing for VMware Cloud on AWS.


  • Jim Hannan, Principal Architect – House of Brick Technologies

Optimize your Oracle licenses on Amazon Web Services

AWS re:Invent 2019

Many organizations want to consider a cloud strategy for their business-critical Oracle workloads. For most, however, the concern about licensing Oracle in AWS seems like a showstopper. In this session, we discuss your licensing and support options for running Oracle on AWS, and explore ways to optimize the cost of your Oracle workloads in the cloud. We also discuss the technical innovations that AWS recently released that support your ability to optimize the cost of running Oracle on AWS and how these innovations and services can enable your cloud strategy for Oracle workloads.

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  • Nick Walter, Principal Architect – House of Brick Technologies
  • Kwesi Edwards, Business Development Manager – AWS
  • Nathan Biggs, CEO – House of Brick Technologies