Security & Compliance Assessment

Manage the risk of their database and cloud deployments.

Whether in the form of vendor license compliance, organizational education and preparation for audit activity, or governance for multi-cloud environments, House of Brick offers the expertise and tools you need to maximize return on your investment while minimizing risk.

On-premise or cloud deployment challenges? How does your compliance stack up?

We give you visibility to know exactly what you’re using, if you have enough licenses to cover that usage, and if you start using something without a license, fix it before it becomes a problem.


Gain Insight Into Your Most Severe Risks

Complete visibility and centralized inventory of a customer’s cloud resources and assets across every major cloud provider. Everything from users and identities to databases, endpoints, and more. This is all updated in real-time, automatically, and continuously.

Understand Your Security & Compliance Posture

Quickly review their compliance status in every major public cloud, and download evidence against controls, policies, and procedures for CIS, NIST FedRamp, PCI, HIPAA and even customized frameworks depending on your needs.

Actionable Insights Into What to do Next

Get real-time notifications on compliance infractions or potentially risky configuration changes through popular operations management tools. We’ll also send digest emails to provide a periodic overview of the customer’s cloud usage and compliance.
House of Brick

You’ve Migrated… now Stay Compliant

The cloud provides a completely different approach to your day-to-day tasks. So it requires changing a lot of procedures.

Upon completion of a migration project, with our OpsCompass product you will have an actionable insight of what you have to do next, as you can monitor assets and determine compliance with regulatory frameworks, as well as license usage and costs.

House of Brick