About House of Brick

Cutting-edge Innovation

House of Brick provides cutting-edge software innovation and industry-leading consulting experience to help navigate the most challenging cloud migration and operational challenges.

About House of Brick

House of Brick is committed to quality and integrity and brings a passion for client success, as well as a desire to serve and improve the communities in which our employees and clients live. We inspire confidence and empower change in a world where rapid innovation and disruption are the new normal.

As industry and technology experts, we develop strategies and devise solutions to drive sustainable outcomes.

Our objectives, initiatives, offerings, and services are always aligned with the interests of our customers, customers’ employees, employee families, and the company, investors, and shareholders. Our decisions are made with our people’s interests and values in mind.

Our Leadership Team

Nathan Biggs


John Grange


Orfa Link

V.P. Products and Services, Customer Success

Jim Ogborn

V.P. Sales

Tracy Kempkes

V.P. Managed Services

Brenda Vair

V.P. Professional Consulting Services

Nick Allmaker

Chief Product Architect

Nick Walter

CTO, Cloud Solutions

Michelle Boesen

Human Resources Manager

Sandy Deane

Finance Manager

The Story Behind
Our Name

Our story began, surprisingly, not with the Three Little Pigs, but with three friends from Omaha. The House of Brick team was originally assembled as a performance and integration team. We adopted the name “Product Integration Group”, which rolled up nicely to PIG. Our executive management at the time was less than comfortable with PIG for a prominent, customer-facing team. The name, however, survived a couple of attempts by management to change it. Customers loved it in our observation.

When we went independent in 1998, we failed at coming up with a professional sounding name that integrated “pig”. We finally came up with “House of Brick”, invoking the three little pigs fairy tale. The name held onto our team pride and brought it into our new organization. “House of Brick” also happens to convey the stability and reliability of the system stacks we have architected, reviewed, and optimized.