VMware Cost Optimization Assessment

Optimizing Your VMware Costs with House of Brick and OpsCompass

As part of our commitment to providing tailored solutions, we offer a VMware Cost Optimization Assessment using OpsCompass and our expert consultants. In the face of changes such as the Broadcom Acquisition and new subscription-only license policies, customers are expressing an urgent need to optimize VMware license costs.

Our assessment includes:


  • Evaluation of current-state architecture & utilization profile
  • Short-term savings by optimizing current VMware infrastructure
  • Longer-term optimized architecture

Potential follow-on engagements include workload-specific analysis, Oracle and Microsoft compliance review and optimization, hypervisor re-platform planning, and cloud migration strategy. Contact House of Brick to schedule your assessment and take the first step towards optimizing your VMware costs.

Evaluation of Current-State Architecture & Utilization Profile

Connect to OpsCompass to gather key metrics on your VMware estate, including vCenters, Clusters, Hosts, and VMs. Analyze containment methods like clustering, affinity, and resource segmentation, while reviewing VMware architecture to assess utilization, capacity, and compute efficiency per host.

Short-Term and Longer-Term Optimization Strategies

Identify immediate savings opportunities by optimizing your current VMware infrastructure, expected to yield 10% – 15% in savings. Develop a comprehensive strategy for reducing and containing VMware subscription costs, with anticipated longer-term savings of 25% – 50%.

Comprehensive Reference Architecture

Receive a detailed reference architecture tailored to optimize costs while maintaining performance and flexibility, including recommendations for refreshing to higher-performing hosts to enable vSphere consolidation.

Identification of Alternatives and Follow-On Engagements

Explore potential hypervisor and cloud alternatives to further optimize costs and enhance performance, and engage in follow-on services such as workload-specific analysis, Oracle and Microsoft compliance review, hypervisor re-platform planning, and cloud migration strategy.

Streamline Your VMware Infrastructure for Cost Efficiency

OpsCompass is a powerful software platform designed to provide comprehensive asset management, risk intelligence, and cost optimization across modern enterprise IT stacks.

With OpsCompass, customers gain a single dashboard to manage their cloud and data security posture, determine costs and vendor license risk, and detect risky configuration drift from global cloud infrastructure down to individual databases.