Database Audit Defense

Preparing for an audit or in the middle of one?

Take back control.

We have a proven track record of successfully defending customers in auditing situations, ensuring that Oracle doesn’t go beyond their contractual rights.

Independent advocates guiding and consulting you throughout the audit process.

Benefit from deployment best practices that optimize database license costs while remaining compliant with license terms.

Collaborate, educate, and assess your organization’s situation

We intimately understand Oracle contracts, audit practices, and how that software is being used. Not everyone does. For this reason, we offer detailed license assessments as well as organization education in order to reduce risk and lower costs.

Aggressively defend and negotiate on your behalf

We work with your teams of IT leaders, contract experts, and legal representatives to develop a response strategy for Oracle communication and requests, including what data should be provided to Oracle and what shouldn’t.

Optimize your Architecture the right way

In order to help you eliminate deficiencies, we recommend architectures and processes that minimize Oracle’s footprint while maximizing virtualized systems’ benefits.