Oracle Audits in 2021 – A Legal and Technical Perspective


The House of Brick Partner Podcast

The House of Brick Partner Podcast is a series of conversations with important partners and clients.  The intent of the podcast is to share, educate and advise listeners on best practices for business-critical database platforms. From Oracle licensing to database cloud migrations, real-world options are discussed, assessed and recommended.

Oracle Audits – Episode 1:

In the first episode of The House of Brick Partner Podcast, Bob Lindquist hosts Pam Fulmer, Lead Attorney at Tactical Law Group, and Dave Welch, Executive Consultant at House of Brick.  In episode one of three, the conversation explores Oracle audits and the following discussion points:

  • What is an Oracle audit and why should Oracle customers care?
  • Do Oracle customers have to share everything in an audit?
  • What are the contractual versus non-contractual items in an audit?
  • What are the most common assertions or findings in an Oracle audit?
  • Is the Oracle agreement agnostic to virtualization & cloud technologies?

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