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The Oracle Parking Garage

by | Mar 3, 2015 | Oracle | 4 comments

Nathan Biggs (@nathanbiggs), CEO

As we work with our customers to virtualize Oracle on VMware, we hear how Oracle is telling them that they have to license every node in a cluster, or every node accessing common storage, or even every node in the whole enterprise, even though that Oracle workload will never run in those other areas. The comic below is how we view this strategy – Oracle licensing as a parking garage – let us know what you think. (H/T to David Woodard for coming up with the concept).

Oracle Parking



  1. If you’re not going to use the whole car park, then why not just park at a meter outside?

  2. It is scary how this comic resembles our situation…

  3. The irony is, if you drive an Oracle car, you only need to pay for one park.

  4. You could have used any parking garage in the world to park your car. So with a next release of VMware that allows vMotion to service providers outside of your own network, I can only imagine how Oracle will respond…



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