Oracle Cost Optimization

Optimize and understand all of the costs involved

House of Brick specializes in optimizing architecture to reduce customers’ license costs in order to reduce total cost of ownership.

Tuning performance, controlling product usage and or migrating to Oracle? Let’s talk.

Benefit from deployment best practices that optimize database license costs while remaining compliant with license terms.


Understand Your Oracle Feature Usage

Using our services, we reduce the cost of Oracle deployments and validate the usage of features before an audit event occurs. Preparing readiness reports to address compliance gaps, optimize deployment costs, and prepare staff and processes for an audit.

Get the Most Out of Your Licensed Cores

Our best practices for performance and license optimization help determine the changes that need to be made during our workshops, proof-of-concepts, and pilots to get the best value from your investment.

Know Where You Stand in Real-time

Monitor database feature usage automatically, validate all usage against valid license entitlements, and flag all non-compliant events in one dashboard, in real time.