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Streamlining Cloud Migration: Humber College's Success Story

Get the inside scoop on Humber College’s seamless cloud migration and how House of Brick helped them achieve remarkable results.

Start Your Cloud Journey Safely

Cloud migration can be both technically challenging and fraught with potential risk. We help you migrate your business critical systems wherever you are along the way through our deep expertise.

Tackling cloud or database challenges? Let us help.

Whether you’re starting on-premises or moving to the cloud, there are different challenges at different stages of the cloud migration process. A big part of making your migration successful and long-lasting is data protection and asset management.


You’re moving to the Oracle Cloud

House of Brick has helped thousands of customers successfully migrate databases securely and safely. Oracle says it’s simple & efficient to use their cloud. Our team keeps them honest and keeps you compliant.

Securely migrate to AWS, Azure, and GCP

Our migration experts help get you to the cloud safely and compliant when migrating workloads, leaving tooling in place to be alerted to security threats, or cloud configuration drift.

Accelerate Cloud Adoption

House of Brick focuses on your private and public cloud adoption journey with asset management, security, and optimization for enterprise applications and databases through SaaS, managed, and professional services.

Get Started on Your Cloud Journey

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You’ve Migrated… now Stay Compliant

The cloud provides a completely different approach to your day-to-day tasks. So it requires changing a lot of procedures.

Upon completion of a migration project, with our OpsCompass product you will have an actionable insight of what you have to do next, as you can monitor assets and determine compliance with regulatory frameworks, as well as license usage and costs.

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