Understanding Your Options for Deploying and Licensing Oracle on AWS

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Bob Lindquist, Director of Client Services

Oracle customers have common questions about their licensing options when considering deployment to Amazon Web Services (AWS).

These questions usually fall into the following areas:

  • What AWS options are available for Oracle deployments?
  • What are the Oracle licensing considerations for AWS deployments?
  • Are there AWS features to help optimize Oracle licensing?
  • Will my Oracle to AWS deployment be audit defensible?


Oracle customers who do not proactively confirm their options risk spending too much on licensing. Customers may also face an Oracle audit that could expose avoidable license compliance issues.

AWS has a variety of options for customers considering deployment of Oracle to AWS. When done properly, customers can significantly optimize their Oracle license costs when deploying to the proper AWS service.

House of Brick Technologies is an AWS Partner Network (APN) Advanced Consulting Partner. We have helped many Oracle customers address Oracle-to-AWS deployment questions. This post outlines the real-world options and addresses common questions.

Read the full article on the AWS Partner Network (APN) Blog to gain a better understanding of your Oracle licensing options when deploying on AWS.

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