License Management

Peace of mind from agreement to deployment

Licensing is a complex and intimidating process to comprehend, and getting it wrong can have a significant cost. However, with the complexity of Oracle’s options and the possibility of Oracle misinterpreting your organization’s, confusion is inevitable. This is where we come in.

Losing control of VMware usage or unlicensed database features?

Oracle licensing may be the most intimidating thing that many IT and business leaders deal with. House of Brick brings clarity from agreement to deployment and so on.


Visibility into Software Usage

Our experts answer questions and address concerns triggered by Oracle statements about license risks, as well as develop licensing and architecture strategies for running Oracle in the cloud and SQL Server on VMware.

Continuous Software Analysis

We automatically detect license gaps between entitlement and usage, as well as license overspending, using our unique technology. Removing the roadblocks associated with cloud migrations.

Audit Readiness and Defense

Prevent audit concerns or be prepared for one. Keeping in mind that Oracle’s pressure has no basis in your contracts, we want to ensure that you don’t give in to it. Let us handle Oracle for you; don’t take them on alone.