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Half of Fortune 500 companies and 35 out of 50 state and local governments rely on House of Brick every day.

We successfully defended hundreds of audits and counting.

We’ve saved customers more than 4 billion in Oracle audit claims so far.

We have extensive experience working with diverse industries including: finance, insurance, healthcare, construction, technology, communications, and airlines industry.

Customer Stories

“House of Brick has been an ERB respected and trusted partner for the past 4 years. Their expertise with our environment prior to helping migrate to the AWS cloud was invaluable.

Our Pension Administrations System enterprise software runs on Oracle. HoB recently helped us migrate to RDS Oracle on AWS. This allows us to focus on our day-to-day IT operations while moving all database licensing and management to AWS. HoB was key in helping us understand the opportunity and mitigate risks in our move to cloud.”

House of Brick
Lawrence Esquibel
Chief Information Officer, New Mexico Educational Retirement Board
“I have been pleased to find a true partnership in House of Brick Technologies. Their knowledge of Oracle platforms and licensing, as well as the expertise and processes necessary to manage them properly, have allowed us to avoid a variety of costs. We will continue to leverage House of Brick’s expertise for the right approach in optimizing and deploying our mission critical systems.

House of Brick
Charles Ng
VP Information Technology, All-In-1
“House of Brick (HOB) has been a key partner to us with their Oracle and SQL Server expertise. They have supported our successful efforts of migrating from Oracle to Microsoft SQL which have reduced our costs considerably. We have an ongoing continued relationship with HOB to ensure compliance with Microsoft and to support us as we further modernize our database operations.”

House of Brick
Tony Kennedy
Director of Finance, California Insurance Guarantee Association
“While we rely heavily on our highly talented internal team, the deep pool of exceptional resources that HoB brings to bear provides a great breadth of expertise to our resource arsenal. We have a very powerful, robust, and intelligent team supporting our critical operating environments.”

House of Brick
Craig Beaudry
VP, Enterprise Applications, Travis Credit Union