Oracle Updates Cloud Licensing Policy

Oracle recently released an update to the policy document that outlines the rules for licensing their core technology software in what they term “Authorized Cloud Environments” and the rest of us know as the main hyperscale cloud computing providers. This includes AWS, Azure, and (newly) GCP. Any organizations using Oracle software in a cloud environment should keep careful track of this document as it in most cases governs the licensing rules for Oracle software that

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Oracle Licensing, Audits & Lawsuits in 2022

Oracle Licensing, Audits & Lawsuits in 2022  Bob Lindquist hosts House of Brick partner Pam Fulmer of Tactical Law Group. In this podcast, the discussion is focused on Oracle’s sales behaviors going into

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“Why OCI vs AWS” Marketing Piece

In mid-October, Oracle published a competitive piece titled “Why Oracle Cloud Infrastructure over Amazon Web Services.” You could say it crosses over into being a

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