Oracle Database Licensing for AWS Migrations

A driving factor for companies to migrate to Amazon Web Services (AWS) from on-premises, commercial databases is to reduce infrastructure and software licenses costs. When assessing the viability of migrating Oracle databases to AWS, organizations consider many factors including business requirements, security posture, high availability, performance, disaster recovery, migration duration, cost optimization, and license optimization. In this post, we will explore Oracle database licensing considerations before starting a migration to AWS. We’ll describe the licensing

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Oracle Support for RAC on VMware

Oracle Support for RAC on VMware – MOS Note 249212.1’s April 29, 2021 Revision and VMware’s June 9, 2021 Reaction. Prior to November 8, 2010,

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SQL Server Encryption Part 1

In this post, we will discuss the primary encryption options available to SQL Server.  Each comes with benefits and costs and require careful consideration of

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