Broadcom Acquires VMware: House of Brick to Support VMware Customers with Cost Optimization and License Management

History of Product Packaging and Price Increases following a Merger or Acquisition of a Leading IT Company It is a story that anyone who has been in technology for a while knows all too well.  Innovative company has an outstanding “first act” selling hundreds of millions to billions in revenue with a widely adopted technology that people and businesses depend on.  After years or decades of record revenue and employee growth, the once exceptional financial

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Oracle Support for RAC on VMware

Oracle Support for RAC on VMware – MOS Note 249212.1’s April 29, 2021 Revision and VMware’s June 9, 2021 Reaction. Prior to November 8, 2010,

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SQL Server Encryption Part 1

In this post, we will discuss the primary encryption options available to SQL Server.  Each comes with benefits and costs and require careful consideration of

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