AWS Optimized License Assessment (OLA) with House of Brick

Business Case for OLA The lifecycle of public cloud adoption for mission critical workloads continues to progress. More of our clients every year embrace public cloud as a viable alternative for their mission critical workloads. The appeal is genuine; world-class data centers, high levels of security and uptime, point and click provisioning, built-in disaster recovery, etc. That is not to say that the move to public cloud is without complexity.  Some complications are technical, but

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Oracle Support for RAC on VMware

Oracle Support for RAC on VMware – MOS Note 249212.1’s April 29, 2021 Revision and VMware’s June 9, 2021 Reaction. Prior to November 8, 2010,

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SQL Server Encryption Part 1

In this post, we will discuss the primary encryption options available to SQL Server.  Each comes with benefits and costs and require careful consideration of

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