Paysafe’s Journey to the Cloud – Moving Oracle to AWS


The House of Brick Partner Podcast

The House of Brick Partner Podcast is a series of conversations with important partners and clients. The intent of the podcast is to share, educate and advise listeners on best practices for business-critical database platforms. From Oracle licensing to database cloud migrations, real-world options are discussed, assessed and recommended. Companies looking to optimize their business systems, including reducing costs and improving performance, would benefit from topics such as:

  • Being prepared for a potential Oracle or Microsoft audit
  • Database licensing on premise vs the cloud
  • License management for Oracle & SQL Server
  • Migrating Oracle to an alternative database platform
  • High availability & disaster recovery best practices
  • Virtualization of business-critical systems & database platforms
  • And other Oracle & SQL Server deployment & license management topics

Paysafe’s Journey to the Cloud – Moving Oracle to AWS:

Bob Lindquist hosts Yavor Ivanov, Head of Database Administration and Cloud Data Architect, Paysafe Group, and Nick Walter, Database Cloud Practice Lead at House of Brick and AWS Data Hero. In this podcast, the conversation explores Paysafe’s journey to public cloud use leveraging AWS and other technologies:

  • How was Paysafe managing IT and database systems before considering cloud?
  • If Paysafe’s on premise systems were deployed & operated so well, why consider cloud at all?
  • How did Paysafe approach change in moving from on premise to leveraging cloud?
  • How did Paysafe become “cloud ready” and how did it help with Paysafe’s journey?
  • How did Paysafe look to move monolithic databases to the cloud?
  • How difficult is it to change the database when “modernizing” workloads?
  • Is a “lift & shift” first the best approach before undertaking a modernization effort?
  • What was Paysafe’s biggest lesson learned from their cloud journey – was it easy or worth it?

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