Oracle’s Java Licensing Changes and Impacts


The House of Brick Partner Podcast

The House of Brick Partner Podcast is a series of conversations with important partners and clients.  The intent of the podcast is to share, educate and advise listeners on best practices for business-critical database platforms.  From Oracle licensing to database cloud migrations, real-world options are discussed, assessed and recommended. Companies looking to optimize their business systems, including reducing costs and improving performance, would benefit from topics such as:

  • Being prepared for a potential Oracle or Microsoft audit
  • Database licensing on premise vs the cloud
  • License management for Oracle & SQL Server
  • Migrating Oracle to an alternative database platform
  • High availability & disaster recovery best practices
  • Virtualization of business-critical systems & database platforms
  • And other Oracle & SQL Server deployment & license management topics

Oracle’s Java Licensing Changes and Impacts:

Bob Lindquist hosts David Woodard, Executive License Consultant and an original founder of House of Brick Technologies. In this podcast, the conversation centers on Oracle’s Java licensing and how it impacts options for customers to deploy Java:

  • What was Oracle’s original intent on use of Java, when acquired with Sun Microsystems?
  • Are there common customer use cases for Java and how is Java deployed by customers?
  • Was there a specific change to Oracle’s Java licensing approach back in 2019?
  • How is Oracle treating customers regarding Java use & licensing – are there Java audits?
  • Are there tools to easily discover deployment of Java to identify desktop or server usage?
  • Why is it important to do a Java assessment prior to Oracle asking about Java usage?
  • Does Oracle make any assertions around usage of Java on VMware installations?
  • What versions do I need to worry about paying for or not?

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