Oracle FUDbusting – Who You Gonna Call?

oracle fudbusting

What Does Oracle FUD Mean?

FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt)

We noticed that the classic movie “Ghostbusters” catchy theme song can also apply to Oracle’s sales behaviors of these past years:

If there’s something strange in Oracle’s sales claims,

Who you gonna call?  FUDbusters!

If they say something weird and it don’t sound good,

Who you gonna call?  FUDbusters!

I ain’t afraid of no FUD.

I ain’t afraid of no FUD . . .

To paraphrase Andy Jassy from Amazon’s re:Invent 2018:

“These old guard database vendors like Oracle are expensive and not customer serving – people are sick of it.” 

Oracle’s use of FUD is a common ploy used to get more money from their customers, including through licensing audits. Our partner, Tactical Law Group, recently blogged on a class action lawsuit against Oracle claiming that Oracle’s increase in sales of Oracle’s cloud software products was fueled in part by predatory audits of Oracle customers.

At House of Brick, we’ve loved Oracle’s database technologies and have helped many Oracle customers with their database migrations and licensing needs for nearly 25 years. However, we’ve also had to help many of our clients “bust Oracle FUD” due to a variety of Oracle sales team assertions as Jassy and TLG have noted.

To illustrate, embellishing on Jassy’s comic from re:Invent, many Oracle customers feel paralyzed with all of the FUD:

Many of these paralyzing assertions, whether completely false or confusingly true, include:

  • You must use the Oracle Cloud Policy for non-Oracle cloud providers.
  • Licensing Oracle in a non-Oracle cloud will be twice as expensive.
  • An Oracle ULA is the best way to license Oracle for cloud use.
  • Your Oracle deployment model will not be supported in a non-Oracle cloud.
  • ISV hosting in a cloud is highly restricted and cost prohibitive.

House of Brick has seen similar claims over the years regarding virtualizing Oracle on VMware. Many are familiar with HoB’s original “The Oracle Parking Garage” comic that illustrates how ludicrous Oracle’s claims are of having to license every node in a cluster or every node accessing common storage – or even every node in the whole enterprise!

We have helped many Oracle customers defend their audits for both Oracle/VMware and Oracle/AWS assertions.  As Pam Fulmer notes in TLG’s blog, Oracle commonly over-reaches in database licensing audits with customers.  These audits also commonly happen when a customer is considering moving to a cloud like AWS.

Oracle on AWS Quick Start

To help Oracle customers looking to move Oracle to AWS, House of Brick has developed the “Oracle on AWS Quick Start” – our “Oracle FUDbuster” consulting engagement.

This one-week review provides Oracle customers with:

  • Current Oracle license entitlement summary
  • High level Oracle on AWS deployment options
  • High level on premise & AWS TCO comparison
  • Clarifications & recommendations on Oracle on AWS options

As an Oracle Competency partner with AWS, House of Brick has access to AWS programs and funding to assist Oracle customers trying to decide on their Oracle on AWS options. 

As an example, HoB worked with our partner, OpsGuru – AWS 2021 Consulting Partner of the Year in Canada, to assist their client with a Quick Start. The client wanted to ensure that their Oracle Database Appliance workloads, which used Oracle RAC, could be moved to AWS while avoiding risk, optimizing cost, and ensuring performance.  More details on this client’s AWS journey and the outcomes can be heard in our recent podcast “Unwinding Oracle’s Excessiveness with House of Brick and OpsGuru”.

Additionally, House of Brick helps Oracle customers ensure ongoing license compliance both on premise and in public clouds like AWS.  In fact, we’ve helped many clients with our OpsCompass license manager tool and House of Brick consulting services to reduce their ongoing Oracle license costs by monitoring feature usage, consolidating ordering documents and other cost optimization options.

If stuck in “analysis paralysis,” House of Brick’s Oracle on AWS Quick Start service and OpsCompass License Manager tool can help bust that Oracle FUD and avoid costly Oracle audits and other sales ploys.

Back to Ray Parker Jr’s great lyrics:

Don’t get caught alone, oh no,

When Oracle comes through your door,

Unless you just a-want some more.

I think you better call . . .

House of Brick!

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