House of Brick Launches Managed License Support Service



House of Brick Technologies (HoB), the leader in the virtualization and Cloud Computing for business critical systems, announced today the launch of a new service offering, Managed License Support Service.

The Managed License Support Service from House of Brick is designed to take a proactive and preventive approach to Oracle licensing, and aggressively defend clients in the event of an audit. Rather than eliminating the need for clients to track license purchases, it ensures the integrity of their usage allowing organizations to focus instead on what makes their business successful.

“We introduced our Managed License Support Service to address an increasing demand from our customers – the need for support in managing the most complex and costly item in their IT portfolio, their Oracle licenses,” said Nathan Biggs, CEO. “Regular analysis and management of how our customers deploy their Oracle licenses can help them avoid paying more than necessary to Oracle.”

Highlights of the Managed License Service offering include:

Detailed Preparation: HoB performs an initial license review for an organization to establish a baseline of compliance. Any compliance issues will be identified, and a resolution plan determined.

Tools including monitors and scripts will be installed and configured to run monthly in order to identify virtual machines that may have migrated on to unlicensed hosts. Host health is checked regularly to ensure that all Oracle workloads are performing optimally.

Diligent Validation: During monthly checks, House of Brick experts will analyze data to look for licensing issues before they become a problem. On an annual basis, HoB performs a full internal audit of a client’s Oracle systems to identify any audit risks that need to be addressed before Oracle issues any formal notices.

Aggressive Defense: When Oracle issues a formal audit notice, or a less-formal notice of license review, House of Brick will immediately engage in the client’s defense. Throughout the process, HoB provides coaching and guidance on corresponding with Oracle. As an option, HoB can be designated as an organization’s agent to deal with Oracle directly on their behalf.

About House of Brick Technologies
Established in 1998, House of Brick Technologies is leading the industry in virtualizing business critical systems, having provided services to many Fortune 500 companies, as well as hundreds of other enterprises of all sizes. Their service offerings include Oracle or SQL Server on VMware Enablement, Oracle and Microsoft License Services, Managed Consulting Services, and Architecture Optimization. House of Brick has saved their customers hundreds of millions of dollars while improving their high availability, disaster recoverability, and time to market.

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