At Risk for an Oracle Audit? We Can Help

 Managed License Support Service For Oracle

Managed License Support Service (MLSS) for Oracle has been created to help our customers address a critical need. That need is to help manage the most complex and costly aspect of their IT portfolio – for the majority of our customers that is their Oracle technology and licenses.

House of Brick has become the industry’s foremost expert when it comes to licensing Oracle technology in virtual environments, creating the optimal infrastructure on which to run critical application workloads, and defending that environment in audit situations.

Detailed Preparation and Aggressive Defense

The Managed License Support Service at House of Brick is designed to take a proactive and preventive approach to messy confrontations with Oracle, and then to aggressively defend you in the event of an audit. Rather than eliminating the need for you to track your license purchases, it ensures the integrity of your usage so that you can focus on what makes you and your business successful.

We can work with your existing Software Asset Management (SAM) tools or service providers with our value-added service.

Questions to Ask

Are you comfortable with your answers to the following licensing questions?

Do you know where your Oracle workloads are deployed?
Do you have technical measures in place to prevent Oracle workloads from migrating to unlicensed servers?
Do you know the impact that disaster recovery and high availability have on Oracle licensing?
Are you familiar with the non-contractual assertions Oracle makes when running on VMware?
Do you know how to respond when you receive an audit notice from Oracle, and the risks of sharing too much information?
Are you prepared to deal with Oracle License Management Services (LMS) and Oracle legal?
Do you know how to handle a situation where Oracle claims audit fees that are so high they could put you out of business?
Are your legal representatives familiar with Oracle licensing? Are they knowledgeable in the specific strategies needed to protect your business?

 What You Get With MLSS


  • We will perform an initial license review for your organization to establish a baseline of compliance. Any compliance issues will be identified, and will require a resolution plan.
  • Monitoring and scripts may be configured in your environment. These tools will be used monthly to identify virtual machines that may have been migrated on to unlicensed hosts. We will also check the health of each host to ensure that all Oracle workloads are performing efficiently.


  • With the monthly checks, House of Brick experts will analyze the data to look for licensing issues before they become a problem.
  • We will host a monthly meeting to review our data and analysis, and to provide you with a report on licensing compliance and system health findings.
  • On an annual basis, we will perform a full internal audit of your Oracle systems. We will identify any audit risks that need to be addressed before Oracle issues any formal notices.


  • When Oracle issues a formal audit notice, or a less-formal notice of license review, House of Brick will immediately engage in your defense.
  • We will provide guidance on how to respond to the audit notice, including which data should, and should not be, provided to Oracle.
  • At your option, we can be designated as your agent to deal with Oracle on your behalf. Otherwise, we will provide coaching and guidance at each step of the way.

Why Choose MLSS

While customers have the option of contracting with House of Brick separately for each service we provide, there are clear advantages to engaging in a long-term support plan through our Managed License Support Service.

Fixed Price for Unlimited Audit Defense

We do not offer fixed-price audit defense support on regular consulting projects. However with MLSS, House of Brick will provide whatever support is needed to defend you against Oracle, all the way through to the final resolution of your audit process. MLSS is your best option for controlling cost overruns.

Priority Resource Availability

The license services we offer at House of Brick are the highest-demand services we offer. Our MLSS customers receive top resource priority for all of their support needs.

Proactive History of License Activity

By working with House of Brick on an MLSS plan, we will be developing a history of activity for your Oracle workloads. In the event of an audit, we can provide accurate and defensible data demonstrating this activity to Oracle as part of our audit defense.

While we rely heavily on our highly talented internal team, the deep pool of exceptional resources that HoB brings to bear provides a great breadth of expertise to our resource arsenal. We have a very powerful, robust, and intelligent team supporting our critical operating environments.”

Craig Beaudry

VP, Enterprise Applications, Travis Credit Union

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