Expert Services

The professionals at House of Brick are on top of the latest developments in hardware, software applications, networking and data security. They can provide comprehensive consulting services and act as mentors to your IT staff, or can take on your daily operations through our Managed Consulting Services program. Whether your needs are immediate and temporary or forward-thinking and long-term, the House of Brick team stands ready to provide the Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery services essential to keep your business running.




Professional Consulting Services

Whether you run Oracle databases and applications, Microsoft SQL Server, or are using a LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP/Python/Perl) infrastructure, leveraging every dollar of your IT budget means more today than ever before. Projects demand flexibility to adjust to changing needs yet stay on schedule. Getting it done on time – and getting it right the first time – requires teamwork and years of innovative experience, not the kind of “learn as we go” training that can send a project spiraling out of control. You need the consultants at House of Brick standing in your corner, helping to guide the process and evaluate the outcome.

Our services include:

  • System Re-platforming and Data Migration
  • Oracle and MS SQL Server License Review
  • IT Transformation Advisory Services
  • Data Architecture
  • High Availability and Disaster Recovery
  • Architecture for Virtual and Cloud-based Environments

Managed Consulting Services

We maximize value through on-site and remote systems management, including physical and virtual application hosting utilizing our expertise in VMware virtualization.

The professionals at House of Brick Technologies know how to manage critical systems and budgets. They work with you to build a plan of service that is tailored to your needs and specifications. Whether on-site or at a remote location, we broaden your capabilities through seamless day-to-day operational support, as well as downed system triage and data recovery.

Our services include:

  • Automated Network, Server and Database Monitoring
  • Cloud Computing Solutions
  • On-Site Administration
  • Remote Administration
  • Virtual Application Hosting


House of Brick focuses on the entire application system stack, which is something that makes them fairly unique. There are not a lot of companies like HoB that have a more holistic perspective on what it takes to keep business critical systems running well.

A business critical system (system stack and associated lifecycle) also needs to fit within an organization. Many times an organization must change or mature in order to adequately adopt a virtualization or Cloud Computing model. House of Brick helps clients to implement the changes they need to adopt virtualization and cloud computing successfully.

Our services include:

  • Health Checks
  • Reference Architecture
  • Right Sizing
  • Template Creation
  • Application Testing


Oracle Virtualization and
RISC Migration Made Easy

Nathan Biggs, CEO of House of Brick Technologies, explains how they can help a customer considering virtualizing Oracle or SQL environments. They also provide extensive RISC migration capabilities and support. By synthesizing and planning all of the project elements, compute, storage, networking and software, House of Brick Technologies accelerates and reduces the risk during virtualization and migration.


“Our House of Brick consultants provided an invaluable service in answering key questions about how we could architect a virtual environment.”
– Michael Thorson, Director of Infrastructure
University of British Columbia