At Risk for an Oracle Audit? We Can Help

RDMs, in-guest mounts, cluster-in-a-box… these are the technologies that enable virtualized SQL Server Failover Cluster Instances (FCI) in the past. Today we now have vVols to run FCI without RDMs and real soon vSAN will support FCIs without RDMs. What if VMware supported SCSI3 reservations for standard VMDKs? This session will delve into SQL Server FCI in a VMware environment using past, existing & future technologies. This session will not only walk you through how to configure SQL FCI using the future shared VDMK option, but will also provide best practices to optimize, protect and monitor performance of VMs using shared VMDKs. A must see for Virtual SQL DBAs and virtual admins supporting SQL DBAs.​

Download the slides | Watch the recording (VMworld login required)