Oracle-on-vSphere Licensing

Dave Welch, CTO and Chief Evangelist

There is some discord and significant misinformation in the Oracle community as to what the contractual obligations are associated with licensing only a subset of a vSphere cluster’s hosts for Oracle. Furthermore, there is all manner of opinion out there regarding the risks of asserting one’s contractual rights. This definitive opinion piece waters down relevant Oracle License and Services Agreement language to a summary that you can get your hands around. It includes observations on what we are seeing and, more importantly, what we are not seeing in terms of legal actions with regard to the OLSA.

I just offered a fairly comprehensive Oracle-on-vSphere licensing opinion piece to my colleague Jeff Browning who is EMC’s chief spokesman for all things Oracle storage-related. My post appears in Jeff’s Oracle sub-cluster licensing thread at April 2nd.

Jeff then took the initiative to replicate my post to his own blog here and the EMC Community Network here.

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