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August 2017
NEWSLETTER | VMworld Expert Session and Group Discussion, vSphere 6 and RAC, Oracle Clusterware, and more

In our August issue, we featured recently added VMworld HoB sessions Oracle on vSphere License Optimization Expert Roundtable and Oracle on VMware Technologies Licensing Group Discussion. A recent article in the Northern California User Group Journal on Licensing Oracle Software in Cloud Environments by CEO Nathan Biggs and Fulmer Ware LLP Partner Pam Fulmer was also highlighted. This edition included links to two recent blogs, An Unsual Problem Starting Oracle Clusterware by Senior Consultant Andy Kerber and UPDATED: vSphere 6 and Oracle RAC by Principal Architect Jim Hannan.


July 2017
NEWSLETTER | VMworld Sessions, Tier 1 Cloud Webinar, VMWare Virtualization and the Oracle Audit and more

In our July issue, we featured House of Brick’s VMworld sessions and included a link to an upcoming webinar, Key Considerations for Extending Your Business Critical Workloads to the Cloud. This newsletter also featured guest blog VMware Virtualization and the Oracle Audit: What Every Oracle Customer Needs to Know About the “Installed and/or Running” Language of the Processor Definition by Pam Fulmer, a Partner with Fulmer Ware LLP.

June 2017
NEWSLETTER | Snapshots with Availability Groups, VMware Licensing Pro Tips and more

In our June issue, we featured a blog, Snapshots with Availability Groups by Principal Architect Shawn Meyers. This edition also featured the article Oracle’s Determined to Get You in It’s Cloud. You Game? by CTO & Chief Evagelist Dave Welch and a guest blog on VMware Enterprise Licensing: Part 2 – Pro Tips by Rob Wiens, Sequoia Enterprise Services.

May 2017
NEWSLETTER | Basics of Troubleshooting, Replication Using GoldenGate and more

In our May issue, we featured a blog, The Basics of Troublehsooting by Principal Architect Joe Grant. This edition also featured a series of articles on Multi-Master Oracle Replication Using GoldenGate by Senior Consultant Andy Kerber and a link to the recording of our most recent webinar, Oracle Baselines and Benchmarks for the Business.

April 2017
NEWSLETTER | 7 Questions for Audit Defense Consultants, VMware Licensing, HammerDB and more

In our April issue, we featured a guest blog, VMware Enterprise Licensing – What You Need to Know, by Managing Director of Sequoia Enterprise Services, Rob Wiens. This edition also featured an article, HammerDB Capture and Replay for Oracle by Senior Consultant Jonas Mason, and a blog by CEO Nathan Biggs on 7 Questions to Ask When Engaging an Oracle Audit Defense Consultant.

March 2017
NEWSLETTER | Data Pump and Grants to PUBLIC, Gathering Statistics in Parallel, and more

Our March issue featured an article, Data Pumps and Grant to PUBLIC by Principal Architect Jeff Stonacek, a blog by Principal Architect Joe Grant on TWM Window Manager on RHEL 7, and a post on Gathering Statistics in Parallel – Oracle Standard Edition by Senior Consultant Andy Kerber.

February 2017
NEWSLETTER | To Cloud or Not to Cloud, Licensing Oracle in Skytap Cloud, and more

In our February issue, we highlighted our our recent white paper and upcoming webinar on Licensing Oracle in the Skytap Cloud. This edition also featured an article, To Cloud or Not to Cloud – What Are the Right Questions? by Principal Architect Jim Hannan, and a blog by CEO Nathan Biggs on Licensing Oracle Workloads in the Skytap Cloud.


January 2017
NEWSLETTER | Why Consider SE2, Oracle Cloud Policy AND MORE

In our January issue, we highlighted our CTO Dave Welch’s analysis of Oracle’s updated cloud policy in his article Oracle Gives Itself a 100+% Raise in Authorized Cloud Compute Environments. This edition also featured a post on Why You Should Consider Oracle SE2 by Principal Architect Jim Hannan, an article by CEO Nathan Biggs on 2017 and Looking Forward to a Pivotal Year in Cloud Computing, and a second Oracle licensing blog from CTO and Chief Evangelist Dave Welch, State of Oregon’s September 2016 Settlement with Oracle – A Layman’s View.