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 Oracle Audit Defense Consulting

For most customers, Oracle software is the single biggest item in their IT budget. Not managing licensing correctly has the potential to significantly impact an organization financially, in lost resource productivity, and in unnecessary architectural workarounds.

This risk is best managed when it is addressed proactively. With internal assurance of contractual, operational, and architectural compliance with Oracle licensing requirements, customers are in a position to effectively deal with Oracle’s aggressive, and often non-contractual audit practices.

House of Brick has become the industry’s foremost expert when it comes to licensing Oracle technology in virtualized and cloud environments, creating infrastructure designs on which to run critical application workloads that optimize performance and operations, while minimizing the Oracle licensing impact. We have a rich history of defending customers in audit situations, with an untarnished track record of success in ensuring that Oracle does not reach beyond their contractual bounds.

Don’t Face Oracle Alone

Oracle has become quite assertive in their audits by claiming that their customers owe money for licenses, which, according to their binding license agreements, they actually do not owe.

We never recommend that customers try to cheat Oracle out of paying for software they are actually using. But we also never like to see a customer being bullied into paying more than they actually owe. We are here to ensure that you don’t give in to pressure from Oracle when that pressure has no basis in your contracts.

We Help You Take Back Control

Have you found yourself in the middle of an Oracle audit or have you heard from Oracle that one might be coming? Do you feel like you are in compliance, but fear that Oracle might find something you were not aware of? Are you feeling like you have no control over the situation? Why face this time-consuming, risky, and confusing experience all on your own? House of Brick consultants bring clarity to the process. Our industry-leading Audit Defense services include:

Collaborative Organizational Education

  • Learn about the complexity of Oracle license principles and how they apply in Oracle on VMware or cloud environments with a specific emphasis on your particular architecture and strategy
  • Learn how to mitigate risk and lower your Oracle costs
  • Learn what happens in an Oracle audit, and how best to prepare and respond

Detailed Internal License Assessment

  • Validate license requirements
  • Document Oracle license entitlement and usage
  • Perform script output analysis
  • Research to determine false positives
  • Conduct architectural review

Aggressive Defense

  • Stand by your side throughout the entire audit providing expert guidance and consulting.
  • Work as part of your team of IT leaders, contract experts, and legal representatives to develop the appropriate response and defense strategy.
  • Offer guidance on how to respond to all communications and requests, including which data should, and should not be, provided to Oracle.
  • Act as an agent to negotiate with Oracle on your behalf, if needed. Otherwise, we will provide coaching and guidance without Oracle being aware of our involvement.
  • Provide strategies for eliminating and/or negotiating cost savings in response to actual compliance issues identified in the Oracle license audit Final Report, or from internal audit activities. We will also effectively push back on non-contractual claims made by Oracle.
  • Suggest direction as to the quantity, timing, and content of your interactions with Oracle Sales and Oracle LMS, including when (and if) to appeal to Oracle Legal.

Architecture Optimization

  • Recommend architectures and procedures that minimize the Oracle licensing footprint while maximizing the benefits of VMware virtualized or cloud-based systems. This focuses on analysis of both the primary and DR/HA environments.
  • Provide recommendations for reducing your licensing footprint moving forward. Suggestions may include realigning, uninstalling and/or consolidating workloads to minimize and/or eliminate compliance deficiencies.

What Sets House of Brick Apart?

There are many Oracle licensing consultants out there, and selecting the right one for your organization can be challenging.

What should you look for in a consultant? Here are just a few of the ways we stand out in the industry.

Independent Advocates

Our only interest during your Oracle audit is you. We are not an Oracle partner or reseller, so our top goal is dramatically reducing your costs, while ensuring compliance. The bottom line is that you want someone who will be your advocate in an audit, not Oracle’s.

Leading Authority

Recognized as Oracle licensing experts worldwide, our consultants know the ins and outs of Oracle licensing from the agreement to system deployment.

Knowledgeable Architects

We not only understand Oracle contracts and audit practices, but we are intimately familiar with how that software is being used. We understand the underlying architecture, so we can make appropriate recommendations to ensure compliance going forward, and to limit (or even reduce) the size of your Oracle licensing footprint.

Outstanding Record

When our many audit defense clients have followed our guidance and coaching throughout the audit process, we have never had a customer that was forced to pay fees for non-contractual claims. That is a perfect track record. Our methods have been proven to reduce Oracle claims from hundreds of millions of dollars in compliance claims to zero.

Trustworthy Team

You should be able to trust your consultant to never divulge confidential information, especially if it can be used against you by an organization as aggressive and predatory as Oracle appears to be. As a result, we don’t list our license services clients on our website. When it comes to Oracle audits, we take precautions to ensure our customers’ privacy and protection.

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