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Solving Customers’ Enterprise System Challenges with AWS

Customers are faced with a variety of enterprise system challenges when considering a move to cloud. House of Brick has been fortunate to assist many such customers by collaborating on the real-world options provided by Amazon Web Services.

Enterprise systems on proprietary platforms provide a number of significant challenges. These include complex disaster recovery implementations, expensive license and support agreements, and perceived lock-in to engineered systems.

House of Brick brings a holistic approach to cloud given decades of enterprise system experience. As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, HoB has leveraged the many migration programs, tools like Database Migration Service and Schema Conversion Tool as well as used a Well Architected Framework approach to help such customers.

Below are a few recent customer examples:

Scottish Government ARE

The Agriculture and Rural Economy Directorate used to run their own Disaster Recovery (DR) facility for their enterprise system and other workloads. The facility was due to close and ARE wanted to take the opportunity to address their DR challenges differently. Rather than refresh hardware and deploy a new facility, ARE wanted to align more closely to the Scottish Government’s cloud-first policy.

ARE engaged House of Brick Technologies to lead a VMware Cloud on AWS proof-of-concept. The objective was to validate if it was possible to run DR in AWS using VMC. The POC started by moving ARE’s enterprise system to VMware and Linux on-premises. A DR scenario was then successfully executed to VMC/AWS from the on-premises deployment. The whole exercise took less than three weeks.

The successful outcome led ARE to move DevTest to VMC/AWS and ultimately enable developers to services with AWS over the Elastic Network Interface. This means that ARE will be able to run enterprise system and other workloads where they’re best suited, on-premises or in the cloud.


“I now have a clear strategic pathway to modernize our legacy Oracle based workloads whilst also having the capability of using VMware Cloud on AWS as a Disaster Recovery solution. These are two major wins. Working with House of Brick has shown me that not only is it possible, but I now have the confidence and a team with the skill sets to carry out these significant projects.”

Neill Smith

Head of Infrastructure, Scottish Government, ARE Directorate



New Mexico ERB

The Education and Retirement Board had been running their enterprise system on a proprietary hardware platform. The software licenses and hardware support were expensive for their size deployment. ERB was faced with a hardware refresh that would continue the expensive support cost challenge.

ERB had been working with House of Brick for many years in support of ERB’s enterprise system environment. As an Advanced Consulting partner, HoB collaborated with ERB to determine if AWS could be a viable and cost-effective option to their refresh challenge. HoB performed an assessment and sizing exercise to determine which AWS service would be the most appropriate.

Amazon RDS was selected as the target database service. This allowed ERB to move their enterprise system to a more cost-effective database service. This also meant that their licensing was moved to AWS and that they would no longer need their expensive proprietary hardware or software agreements.

Not only did ERB significantly reduce their support expenses by over 50%, but they can also now focus on daily operational needs rather than worry about enterprise system licensing and management.


“House of Brick has been an ERB respected and trusted partner for the past four years. Their expertise with our environment prior to helping migrate to the AWS cloud was invaluable. Our Pension Administrations System enterprise software runs on Oracle. HoB recently helped us migrate to RDS Oracle on AWS. This allows us to focus on our day-to-day IT operations while moving all database licensing and management to AWS. HoB was key in helping us understand the opportunity and mitigate risks in our move to cloud.”

Lawrence Esquibel

Chief Information Officer, New Mexico Educational Retirement Board



Paysafe had a business strategy to vacate their on-premises data centers. However, their mission critical data warehouse ran an a very expensive proprietary hardware platform. The challenge was that the data warehouse required the same or better level of high performance in the cloud as it did with the on-premises proprietary system.

In order to architect an optimal AWS option, Paysafe engaged House of Brick to assess, plan and test deployment of their data warehouse on AWS. By leveraging the synergy of AWS Dense SSD Storage Instances and the data warehouse storage technology, an ultra-high-performance architecture was designed and deployed that outperformed the proprietary engineered system.

The successful outcome resulted in Paysafe becoming committed to AWS. With a substantial AWS footprint now, Paysafe is migrating the remaining on-premises workloads as they complete their data center evacuation plans.


“There are trivial projects like deploying another datacenter or implementing a new application. Then there are projects like cloud migration which go to the next level as they require a massive change in mindset.  House of Brick proved to be a reliable and knowledgeable partner who can make a real difference. This is priceless when companies like Paysafe make the bold leap into the cloud world.”

Yabor Ivanov

Head of Database Administration and Cloud Data Architect, Paysafe Group


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