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House of Brick helped our first customer move their Oracle EBS application into a virtualized environment way back in 2006. After more than a decade, the practice of virtualizing business-critical Oracle and SQL Server workloads has become standard practice for most of our clients.

When it comes to business-critical systems in the public cloud however, many clients have not yet moved their most business-critical systems into the cloud because of certain perceived, or real barriers, to cloud adoption. Having helped clients address similar concerns around virtualizing their critical databases, offers House of Brick vital insights when it comes to overcoming barriers to public cloud adoption. Which of a client’s concerns are true barriers and which are perceived barriers driven by misinformation and doubt? House of Brick’s experienced and knowledgeable consultants work with clients to determine the ideal cloud migration path that addresses these barriers, and offers an optimal cloud architecture based on the client’s unique business requirements.

Consulting Services

As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, House of Brick provides an array of consulting services, all focused on Amazon Web Services. Contact us for:

  • Operational Readiness Validation
  • Infrastructure Audit
  • Database Migration or Upgrade
  • Move to Managed Databases
  • License Optimization Services
  • System or Database Architecture Design or Review
  • Performance Tuning
  • Application and Database Integration
  • Backup, Recovery, and Failover Strategies
  • System Load and Stress Testing
  • Data Warehouse Services

Common Questions about
Running Databases in the AWS Cloud

What are my options for licensing business critical databases, like Oracle And SQL Server, on AWS?

How can I migrate to AWS while minimizing downtime?

Should I choose RDS, EC2 or VMware Cloud on AWS for my workloads?

How can I optimize my database performance on AWS?

Should I consider moving some of my workloads off of Oracle or SQL Server and onto an open source alternative?

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Migrating Critical Oracle Workloads to the Cloud Using VMware Cloud on AWS

I now have a clear strategic pathway to modernise our legacy Oracle based workloads whilst also having the capability of using VMware Cloud on AWS as a Disaster Recovery solution. These are two major wins. Working with House of Brick has shown me that not only is it possible, but I now have the confidence and a team with the skillsets to carry out these significant projects.”

Neill Smith

Head of Infrastructure, Scottish Government, ARE Directorate)

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