At Risk for an Oracle Audit? We Can Help

OLM: Oracle

Oracle licensing may be the most intimidating thing that many IT and business leaders deal with.

We know through our vast experience defending clients against Oracle software audits that there are two main risk areas that have cost our clients the most money for being out of compliance.

  • Uncontrolled VMware usage
  • The use of unlicensed Oracle database features, even if it was unintentional

The OpsCompass License Manager (OLM) is a software solution that automatically monitors your Oracle systems for license compliance, and alerts on non-compliant events.

Automatically Monitor Your Oracle Systems

    OLM: Oracle Benefits

    • Automated monitoring of database feature usage
    • Automated monitoring of VMware virtual machine movement
    • Validating all usage against available customer license entitlement
    • Flagging all non-compliant events in the OLM dashboard, with instructions for remediation options

    Managed OLM

    House of Brick’s Managed OLM service provides extra protection and audit defense where you need it.

    You can work directly in the OLM tool or choose to have House of Brick manage it for you. While customers of the OpsCompass License Manager get additional, automated monitoring and cost savings, many organizations need the extra protection that House of Brick’s Managed OLM service provides.

    While you may not be familiar with Oracle audits and how to avoid being taken advantage of, House of Brick is. The Managed OpsCompass License Manager (M-OLM) provides our clients with a software and service bundle that provides peace-of-mind that someone always has your back.

    Defend Against an Oracle Audit

      M-OLM: Oracle Benefits

      • Professional analysis and curated reports detailing risk, compliance mitigations and cost savings
      • Unlimited audit defense by our experienced team
      • Annual internal audit
      • Annual education workshops
      • Support for Oracle purchase and renewal negotiations

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