At Risk for an Oracle Audit? We Can Help

Compliance & Governance

Our compliance and governance services help customers manage the risk of their database and cloud deployments.

Whether in the form of vendor license compliance (like Oracle, VMware, and Microsoft), organizational education and preparation for audit activity, or governance for multi-cloud environments, House of Brick offers the expertise and tools you need to maximize return on your investment while minimizing risk.

Addressing Your Challenges

Database license compliance services are available to address the following on-premise or cloud deployment challenges:

  • Answer questions and attend to concerns triggered by Oracle statements around license risks (related to cloud-based or virtualized environments)
  • Provide license and architecture strategy for running Oracle and SQL Server in the cloud, on VMware, or bare metal hardware.
  • Remove license roadblocks for cloud or VMware related migrations
  • Determine compliance gap between license entitlement and actual usage
  • Discover any overspending on licensing, or an inability to monetize reductions in product usage
  • Mitigate concerns from an audit (or the threat of one) by Oracle License Management Services


License & Architecture Compliance Assessment / Optimization

Unlimited License Agreement (ULA) Strategy Assessment

Cloud Governance & Operations Services

Cloud Security Posture Management

Oracle Licensing Workshops

Oracle Audit Readiness Assessment

Multi-Cloud Governance and Compliance

More House of Brick Services

Software License Compliance Management, Compliance & Governance

Architecture & Migration

Architecture & Migration services assist customers looking to validate existing or new architecture and migration plans.

Software License Compliance Management, Compliance & Governance

Service Management

Service Management offerings assist customers with the regular maintenance, monitoring, and performance tuning of their environments.

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“Curses! Foiled Again!” Doing Right for Our Oracle Audit Defense Customers

As an IT director, software vendor licensing is one of my biggest concerns and challenges. Software contracts represent the largest line items in our budgets and we need to balance those costs with the value we receive. House of Brick has been invaluable in helping to ensure we are only paying for the software licenses we need for our key Oracle systems.”

Steve Ely

Director of Information Technology, City of Costa Mesa

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