Oracle Cost Traps and How to Overcome Them with AWS Solutions

House of Brick and Amazon Web Services have been partnering for years to help Oracle customers migrate enterprise systems to AWS. 

Many organizations that want the benefits of a migration to AWS are hesitant about migrating Oracle database workloads. A variety of cost traps and risks need to be carefully assessed and managed to avoid exacerbating already high Oracle costs during a migration to AWS. House of Brick, drawing on extensive experience of helping clients migrate Oracle database solutions to AWS, has proven techniques for addressing all these risks. Utilizing these techniques, it is possible to plan a cost-effective migration to AWS for Oracle databases.

  • In this book, you will learn these main Oracle database cost traps and how to overcome them, The Oracle Licensing Cost Trap– Oracle licenses are costly and encumbered by complex licensing rules.
  • The Oracle Change Fear Factor – Oracle database solutions are notoriously complex and fragile. Any upgrade or change that affects an Oracle database can be considered risky and act as a drag on organizational velocity and agility.
  • The Oracle Database Operational Cost Trap – Oracle databases are complex and high touch. They require dedicated groups of specialized personnel to operate at scale that leads to significant overhead.
  • The Organizational Silo Trap – The requirement for specialized teams and tools can create a silo that diminishes organizational velocity and agility.
  • The Organizational Overhead Trap – Managing the complexities of Oracle licensing requires significant overhead, especially during a compliance audit.

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