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Live Webinar | Avoid the Common Oracle Cloud Migration Pitfalls

With House of Brick and Cirrus Data

In this webinar, Jeff Stonacek, Chief Technology Officer for House of Brick, and Mark Greenlaw, Vice President of Market Strategy for Cirrus Data, will discuss best practices for Oracle migrations and common challenges.


Jeff Stonacek will review how organizations migrate their business-critical applications from a technical standpoint and how to overcome the licensing hurdles. Mark Greenlaw will explain how businesses can migrate their Oracle database while the application is in use, accelerating the migration and avoiding business disruption.


Crossing the Cloud Chasm for Enterprise Applications

2020 Technology Landscape: A Brave New Digital World Summit

With the advances in architectural compatibility between on-premises technology, and the top public cloud providers, it would seem natural to assume that enterprise applications are now moving with ease into the cloud. The reality, however, is that the ability to do something is far less important than ensuring that it is done correctly. There is still a chasm to cross before the majority of organizations feel comfortable moving their enterprise applications into the cloud.

Nathan Biggs, CEO at House of Brick Technologies, an industry leader in virtualization and cloud computing for enterprise applications, and John Grange, CTO at OpsCompass, a cloud governance software provider, will share their direct experience working with clients on developing their enterprise cloud strategies. The discussion will center on the business considerations for an enterprise cloud migration that go beyond technology, and focus on the risk areas of cost containment, process governance, and vendor license compliance.


  • Nathan Biggs, CEO – House of Brick Technologies
  • John Grange, CTO – OpsCompass

Panel: Securing your Hybrid and Private Cloud Networks

BrightTALK @ VMworld Europe 2019 Summit

As network architectures move to the cloud, knowing how to secure them is vital.

Join experts in this live video panel as they discuss all things virtual and cloud networking – from security, network virtualisation, and beyond.

This panel discussion with experts at VMworld Europe includes:
– Micro-segmentation and securing your application infrastructure
– Readying today’s hybrid and private cloud networks for tomorrow
– SD-WAN, IoT and Edge computing: how they are changing the cloud network landscape

W. Curtis Preston, Chief Technologist, Druva
Hadar Freehling, Cloud Security Solutions Architect, VMware
Sherelle Farrington, Cloud Security Solutions Architect, Fortinet
Bob Ghaffari, GM, Enterprise & Cloud Networking Division, Intel Corporation


  • Moderator: Dave Welch, CTO & Chief Evangelist
  • Panelist: W. Curtis Preston, Chief Technologist, Druva
  • Panelist: Hadar Freehling, Cloud Security Solutions Architect, VMware
  • Panelist: Sherelle Farrington, Cloud Security Solutions Architect, Fortinet
  • Panelist: Bob Ghaffari, GM, Enterprise & Cloud Networking Division, Intel Corporation

Modern Data Strategies – Moving Beyond RDBMS

Relational databases have been the undisputed industry standard for data storage and management since the concept was introduced to the computing community, with the first commercially viable products appearing in the late 1970’s. Today, 50 years later, there continues to be a place for this technology and it is still a pillar of modern computing. However, in the ever-changing landscape of data platforms and technology, how does your organization determine the best options for storing, managing, and retrieving data going forward? Learn how concepts like Virtual, NoSQL, Columnar, and Streaming increase your options as well as offer the potential for improving your ability to truly manage data while maximizing its utility for your business.

Topics covered:

  • Security
  • Governance
  • Management
  • Self-Service
  • Common Cloud Services
    • Google Spanner
    • Amazon DynamoDB


  • Mike Stone, Lead Architect & CIO

Oracle Database Challenges in a Hybrid Cloud World

Worried about how a business critical, Oracle database will fit into a hybrid cloud IT model? This presentation covers the most common challenges facing enterprises when trying to integrate Oracle databases into the new world of applications distributed across public cloud and on-premises locations. Topics will include:

  • Common Oracle database scenarios
  • Architectural and performance challenges
  • Oracle licensing considerations


  • Nick Walter, Principal Architect

Scottish Government Virtualizes Critical Legacy Apps in VMware Cloud on AWS

Scottish Government Virtualizes Critical Legacy Apps in VMware Cloud on AWS [BCA3199BU]
Scotland’s Agriculture and Rural Economy Directorate (ARE) desired to embrace a modern hybrid cloud strategy built around VMware technologies as their platform of the future. This was complicated by many mission-critical, legacy applications and Oracle databases that were perceived to be impossible to virtualize or move to the cloud due to their dependence on legacy technologies such as the SPARC/Solaris platform, Oracle Database 10g, and Oracle APEX. House of Brick and ARE partnered to virtualize the legacy application stacks using VMware vSphere, and leverage VMware HCX and VMware Cloud on AWS as a disaster recovery platform. Between the two, ARE proved that even the most stubborn legacy application can be a good fit for a hybrid cloud environment built on the strong technological foundations provided by VMware.

Download the slides | Watch the recording (VMworld login required)


  • Nick Walter, Principal Architect, House of Brick Technologies
  • Neill Smith, Head of IT Infrastructure (ARE Directorate), The Scottish Government