Oracle Open World Final Thoughts and a lot of Presentations Since Then

Dave Welch, CTO and Chief Evangelist

It’s been hopping since Oracle Open World. I’ve been doing a lot of events and Fortune 500 customer site visits—all of them on the topic of tier-1 workloads on VMware.

I think it inevitable that the enterprise trend to evaluate options to VMware, will collide with enterprises’ need to leverage virtualization’s benefits into tier-1 workloads, let alone horizontal scaling. I look forward to the word-on-the-street revelations that will come from that. Forget vendor posturing. The passage of time makes it more difficult for people that over-represent themselves to maintain control of the message. I find it interesting that the majority of the scaled shops we are talking to already have VMware Enterprise License Agreements in place but haven’t yet moved into tier-1 virtualization. I also find it interesting that configuration defects in many shops go unnoticed but become sudden roadblocks when the shops attempt to virtualize a tier-1 workload.

I continue to slam into a consistent, significant uptick in RAC interest wherever I go. On that topic, shops interested in RAC will want to make sure they look at Barb Lundhild’s OOW ’09 presentation “Understanding Oracle Real Application Clusters Internals”. There are significant RAC enhancements and component realignments as of DB 11g R2.

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