Oracle announces RAC-on-VMware Support

Dave Welch, CTO and Chief Evangelist

It’s official. Yesterday Oracle announced support for RAC or newer on VMware. No exclusions or conditions.

I laud Oracle Corp. for their decision. They are going to sell more RAC as a result of removing the RAC-on-VMware support restriction.

House of Brick has been relentless in the promotion of RAC-on-VMware. If RAC is appropriate for a workload, then every aspect of the stack’s product lifecycle can be optimized when virtualized on what I consider to be the world’s premier platform.

House of Brick did our first production-grade RAC-on-VMware implementation in May 2007 and I spoke on it at VMworld later that year. I dedicated an entire session in April at IOUG 2010 to RAC-on-VMware and the results of our Break/Fix lab. This is probably as good a time as any for me to come clean and admit Break/Fix Lab was a misnomer because there is inherently nothing broken about RAC-on-vSphere.

With this, I’m going to find the time to get my six minute video summary posted of our RAC-on-VMware Break/Fix Lab. I promised the attendees of our EA8700 session at VMworld 2010 that I’d get it out there, but it kept getting back-burnered.

So, if Oracle Corp. now acknowledges the advisability of removing the VMware support restriction for the world’s premier High Availability RDBMS and their most complex database offering, what does that tell you about the viability of single instance Oracle on VMware?

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