Optimizing Oracle Licenses on AWS (Webinar)

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HoB/AWS On Demand Session: Optimizing Oracle Licenses on AWS


House of Brick and Amazon Web Services have been partnering for years to help Oracle customers migrate enterprise systems to AWS.

During that time, there has been a lot of confusion on the different ways that Oracle workloads can be licensed and supported to run in AWS.  Oracle customers have also asked if there are ways to optimize their licenses and reduce their overall spend while being prepared in case of audit.

Since 2018, HoB & AWS have co-presented at the annual re:Invent conference in Las Vegas.  Given changes to re:Invent this year, it was decided that an updated session should be produced and provided for on-demand use.

This year’s updated session provides the same foundational content of past sessions with learnings from helping more Oracle customers migrate to AWS.  These topics include:

  • Oracle products & licensing overview
  • Running Oracle on AWS best practices
  • Oracle contractual licensing principles
  • Oracle on AWS optimization strategies

If . . .

  • you’ve been confused on what’s contractual vs not contractual,
  • you are trying to understand how you can use Oracle’s “cloud policy” or if you shouldn’t,
  • you want real world options on moving your Oracle workloads to AWS

. . . please take 45 minutes to watch this updated session and listen to the best practices for “Optimizing Oracle Licenses on Amazon Web Services.”

Lastly, don’t hesitate to reach out to House of Brick to learn how you can move Oracle to AWS – contact us @ Sales@HouseOfBrick.com.

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