House of Brick Technologies Joins OpsCompass


OpsCompass + House of Brick – Enabling Cloud Adoption for Enterprise Applications

The combination of leadership by OpsCompass in the Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) space, and the thought leadership by House of Brick regarding virtualization and cloud computing for enterprise applications will be unparalleled in the industry.

Anyone who has followed the House of Brick blogs, webinars, and conference presentations, in addition to the thousands of organizations we have spoken directly with, know how focused we are on managing risk for enterprise applications. Managing this risk comes in the form of vendor license compliance (like Oracle, VMware, and Microsoft), organizational education and preparation for audit activity, and in designing and implementing the best private and public cloud infrastructures possible for performance, scalability, and operations.

Our new relationship with OpsCompass allows House of Brick to integrate our risk management intellectual property into a leading innovative CSPM platform. OpsCompass will now provide the industry with tools and services that truly remove any roadblocks to leveraging the cloud for enterprise applications.

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