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[Summary] Optimizing Oracle Costs in the Cloud

Comparing VMware Cloud on AWS to Oracle Cloud

In this Summary, we highlight key elements of our white paper, Optimizing Oracle Costs in the Cloud – VMware Cloud on AWS versus Oracle Cloud, including deciding on a provider and designing a solution, modeling Oracle licensing and compute costs, and understanding all the costs involved in running Oracle in the cloud.

[White Paper] Optimizing Oracle Costs in the Cloud

Designing a cost effective public cloud solution for Oracle software workloads is a tricky challenge for any organization attempting to juggle both compute costs and the high cost of Oracle licenses. Trying to choose the right platform and architecture to minimize costs requires exploring not just costs for cloud resources, but also related costs such as Oracle licensing and one-time costs such as refactoring and migration. In this paper, House of Brick consultants modeled Oracle licensing costs and compute costs for four hypothetical Oracle workloads based on House of Brick’s experience with common customer workloads.

[White Paper] Migrating Critical Oracle Workloads to the Cloud Using VMware Cloud on AWS

In this white paper, House of Brick architects examine the VMware Cloud on AWS offering with the explicit goal of validating complex Oracle RAC setups such as those seen in clients’ business critical production environments. The results of testing are shared as well as House of Brick’s conclusions, impressions, and recommendations.

[White Paper] Licensing Oracle in the Skytap Cloud – POWER/AIX

This paper provides an overview of licensing Oracle programs using Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) on POWER/AIX VMs in Skytap Cloud.

[Article] Licensing Oracle Software in Cloud Environments

House of Brick CEO Nathan Biggs and Pam Fulmer, a partner at Fulmer Ware LLP, co-authored an article addressing some of the complexities of licensing Oracle in virtualized and cloud environments for the August issue of the NoCOUG Journal. In the article, they explore the topic fully by taking a deep look into the intricacies of Oracle licensing in virtualized and cloud environments. The article begins on page four of the NoCOUG Journal.


[Article] Death, Taxes and the Oracle Audit: How to Prepare

In a special analysis for Corporate Counsel, Arent Fox partners Arthur Beeman and Joel Muchmore and House of Brick’s Nathan Biggs and Bob Lindquist cover the imminent nature of an Oracle audit, given the prevalence of its business enterprise software, and the pre-audit and audit actions in-house counsel and IT staff can take to minimize its disruption.


[White Paper] Licensing Oracle in the Skytap Cloud

This paper provides an overview of licensing Oracle programs on Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) in the Skytap Cloud.



In this white paper, you’ll gain a better understanding of the complexities involved with licensing RDBMS technologies, such as Oracle, SQL Server, and PostgreSQL on VMware, with particular emphasis on the proper way to license modern converged and hyper-converged platforms such as VSAN, VxRail, and VxRack.

[White Paper] Databases in the cloud – How Virtualization and Automation Enable True DBaaS

Everyone is talking about Cloud Computing, but there seems to be wildly differing perspectives on what it means, how it works, and the costs and benefits of such a model. When it comes to databases and other business critical applications in the cloud, the message is even more confusing. In this paper, we will share our lessons learned while helping some of the biggest companies in the world with their Cloud and Database as a Service (DBaaS) strategies. We will also share best practices and success stories around automating the provisioning and deployment of fully customized, complex application environments based on Oracle core database technology.