The Oracle Database Standard Edition Licensing Trap

posted May 22, 2020, 10:57 AM by

David Woodard, Principal Architect

Standard Edition 2 Can be a Great Value
Oracle database Standard Edition 2 (SE2), as well as past editions Standard Edition and Standard Edition 1, can be a great value and cost significantly less than Oracle Enterprise…

Real World Perspectives of Database on Cloud – Accelerated by AWS

posted May 12, 2020, 11:22 AM by

Bob Lindquist, Director of Client Services

House of Brick Technologies has been assisting clients with their business-critical applications for over twenty years.  In that time, we have seen many changes regarding how database platforms are deployed, licensed, and managed.

Over the…

The Oracle RAC Dilemma – Part I

posted May 8, 2020, 3:58 PM by

Dave Welch (@OraVBCA), Chief Evangelist

Part I: Four Criteria for Introducing or Keeping RAC

VMware vSphere High Availability can provide significant levels of high availability for many workloads. VMware HA does so without the complexity, fragility, or cost of Oracle Real…