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Optimizing Oracle Costs in the Cloud.

VMware Cloud on AWS versus Oracle Cloud

Designing a cost effective public cloud solution for Oracle software workloads is a tricky challenge for any organization attempting to juggle both compute costs and the high cost of Oracle licenses. Trying to choose the right platform and architecture to minimize costs requires exploring not just costs for cloud resources, but also related costs such as Oracle licensing and one-time costs such as refactoring and migration.

In this paper, House of Brick consultants modeled Oracle licensing costs and compute costs for four hypothetical Oracle workloads based on House of Brick’s experience with common customer workloads. These hypothetical workloads consisted of equal amounts of Oracle Database Enterprise Edition VMs and Oracle WebLogic Enterprise VMs.

Additionally, a comparison of the features of VMware Cloud on AWS and Oracle Cloud is provided.

Finally, the results of the cost modeling are shared as well as House of Brick’s conclusions and recommendations.

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