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Microsoft Solutions

Many organizations have had success in virtualizing Microsoft applications. When it comes to the most business-critical workloads, however, House of Brick is the clear choice.

House of Brick has the most experience in the industry in virtualizing Microsoft SQL Server databases and SQL Server based applications on VMware. This includes consulting for Fortune 100 companies, as well as SMB enterprises.

Consulting Services

House of Brick provides an array of consulting services, all focused on SQL Server. Contact us for:

  • Emergency or Triage Services
  • Performance Tuning Enterprise
  • Infrastructure Audit
  • Operational Readiness Validation
  • Data Warehouse Services
  • System or Database Architecture Design or Review
  • Database Migrations or Upgrades
  • Hardware Purchase Review or Justification
  • On-Site Mentoring
  • OS, Middleware, and Database Integration
  • System Load and Stress Testing
  • Backup, Recovery and Failover Strategies
  • Storage Optimization

SQL Server Case Study

House of Brick and SQL Server Case Study

With the help of House of Brick, a worldwide beverage manufacturer increased performance and reduced costs for large, mission-critical SQL Server databases and data warehouse systems on VMware. This major consumables manufacturer is internationally known for the production and marketing efforts behind its trademark beverages. The company’s Information Technology group has historically led the industry with its leading edge technology adoption. Terabytes of data flow through this system every day, with tens of thousands of endpoints all over the globe.

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House of Brick had a level of expertise that made us feel comfortable with the solution and with their approach. They had considerable experience with this type of migration and understood all layers involved.”

Bob Scholl

IT Manager, Sheetz

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