Proactive Performance Analysis & Health Checks

Are you doing a migration?

Are you migrating Oracle to an alternative database platform or implementing a cloud-first strategy? House of Brick is here to help guide and support migrating your business critical systems wherever you are along your journey.

A proactive approach to application and database management

Whether you’re starting on-premises or moving to the cloud, there are different challenges at different stages of the cloud migration process. A big part of making your migration successful and long-lasting is data protection and asset management.

Database, OS, and Infrastructure

This will be our traditional health check content that we've always done

Continuous License Management

This will be about our OLM features and M-OLM offer

Cloud Security Posture Management

This will be about our compliance and drift through our product

Case Study Headline, probably a quote from a customer

The use of VMware does not mean that you have to license Oracle for every server. OLM monitors your virtual machines running Oracle to ensure that they stay in defined licensed environments.

If those VMs move, either automatically or manually, to a non-licensed environment, OLM will flag the event, and update the user dashboard.

IT Service Management and Support Capabilities
  • Database Level
  • OS Level
  • Job Status
  • Backups
  • Services
  • Client Requests or issues
  • Actionable alerts
  • Knowledgebase

Health Check Highlights

Oracle RAC One Node

Dave Welch, CTO and Chief Evangelist I’m finally getting around to blogging on Oracle RAC One Node, coincidentally announced on the second day of VMworld.

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