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Opscompass + House Of Brick Business Continuity And Covid-19

Throughout the course of our distinct and combined organizational histories, OpsCompass + House of Brick has taken a leading position on business continuity planning for ourselves and for our clients in order to ensure that our vital operations and client commitments are maintained without disruption. The uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic has certainly been a disruption throughout the world, but to provide assurance to our clients, partners, employees, and the industry at large, we have now invoked our business continuity plans and will continue our operations in a transparent and seamless manner. The following actions are in place for the benefit of our clients and the employees that serve them:

  • Secure and proven remote working capability for our operations staff – We have proven our secure remote working facility many times. During most instances, our clients are completely unaware that we have invoked our remote working plan. Our telephone system, VPN-based file access, and secure work tracking tools are accessible from wherever our employees are working worldwide.
  • Remote sales demonstrations and pre-engagement capabilities for our clients – The account representatives that you work with all have full access to scheduling resources for product demos or pre-engagement discussions. Using industry standard collaboration tools, such as Microsoft Teams, and Amazon Chime, we will offer screen sharing, and video collaboration as appropriate.
  • Online access to problem entry and ticket tracking – Our managed services clients have access to our online ticket tracking system for entering new issues, and reviewing and resolving open work assignments. The OpsCompass custom application development team will continue supporting our clients remotely, so you can contact and coordinate with your development resources as normal.

Currently, our offices remain open, but we have encouraged our employees to begin working remotely. You should not experience any impact to your expected responses, but if you do, or if you have any other concerns, you may contact our administration team at for any required escalation.

The OpsCompass + House of Brick team expresses our hope for a quick resolution to the uncertainty that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused. In the meantime, we stand ready to assist you with operational continuity, and strategic planning and implementation for secure and compliant cloud and on-premises deployments.