House of Brick Sessions

August 27 – August 31, 2017 | Mandalay Bay – Las Vegas, NV

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Breakout Sessions

Optimizing SQL Server Performance in a Virtual Environment [VIRT1984BU]
Mon. Aug. 28, 11:30 am – 12:30 pm
Shawn Meyers, Principal Architect

In this session, we’ll consider some of the things you should be looking at in your virtual environment to ensure you are getting the performance you should, including how to find CPU performance issues at the host level. We will also be discussing memory balloon drivers, what they actually do, how you should be configuring them, and why. We’ll discuss some of the memory-sharing technologies that are built into VMware vSphere and Hyper-V and how they relate to SQL Server. We will finish up with some storage configuration options to look at.

Licensing Oracle and SQL Server on vSphere [VIRT1817BU]
Wed. Aug. 30, 8:30 am – 9:30 am

David Welch, Partner, CTO, Chief Evangelist; Scott Salyer, Director Global Systems Engineering Enablement, VMware

Oracle and SQL Server databases are licensed very differently than other applications. There are many options from which to choose, depending on requirements for features, mobility needs, virtualization/consolidation targets, and use of third-party cloud resources. This breakout session will help you understand the options available when licensing Oracle and SQL Server database virtual machines. Learn to maximize your database licensing investment while maintaining mobility and minimizing risks of an audit.

Snapshots and SQL Server- Technical Deep Dive & Detailed Lab Findings [PBO3350BUS]
Wed. Aug. 30, 10:00 am – 11:00 am

Shawn Meyers, Principal Architect; Rob Girard, Sr. Technical Marketing Engineer

Snapshots: Application-consistent, crash-consistent, VSS, Quiesced… what does it all mean from a technical perspective and how does it apply to Microsoft SQL Server? Snapshotting technologies are at the heart of data protection for Microsoft SQL Server, whether for backups, quick point in time restores, or full disaster recovery planning… know your risks! Discover through detailed lab testing how various snapshot technologies can protect your data and deep dive into specific (& often hidden!) risks of data inconsistency and corruption.

Running Oracle on VMware? Heard About Mars vs. Oracle? Learn About Oracle Audits from the Experts [VIRT1253BU]
Wed. Aug. 30, 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm

Nathan Biggs, CEO; Arthur Beeman, Partner

Running Oracle on VMware offers significant architectural, operational, and budgetary benefits to customers worldwide. It also brings increased scrutiny from Oracle, which may result in the heightened threat of an audit. On any given day, House of Brick is defending a dozen of our clients running VMware against aggressive audit tactics from Oracle. Arent Fox LLP, the firm that represented Mars in the now-famous Mars vs. Oracle lawsuit, will offer insights learned from helping defend its clients during Oracle audits. We will also explore Oracle audit practices for VMware customers using Mars and provide you with practical techniques that you can use in your own organization to prepare for such an eventuality.

Deep Dive on Physical and Virtual NUMA: Save your SQL Virtual Machines from Certain Doom-A! [VIRT1773BU]
Wed. Aug. 30, 2:30 pm – 3:30 pm

Rob Girard, Sr. Technical Marketing Engineer
Shawn Meyers, Principal Architect

There’s more to nonuniform memory access (NUMA) than physical boundaries in your server hardware. Putting the “deep” back into “deep dive,” Rob and Shawn will use this session to deliver everything you ever wanted to know about physical NUMA and virtual NUMA settings in VMware vSphere, Microsoft Windows, and SQL Server to aid you in getting the settings right to maximize performance. In addition to an overview of NUMA, we’ll discuss some nuances of NUMA that are not commonly known, the effects of hot-adding memory and CPU, selecting cores vs. sockets for your virtual machines, default calculation behavior, performance penalties for getting it wrong, and more.

Group Discussion

Oracle on VMware Technologies Licensing Group Discussion [VIRT1867GU]
Wednesday, August 30       2:30 pm – 3:30 pm

Following the tradition of the past six years, VMware will facilitate an open discussion, moderated by Don Sullivan, on the subject of Oracle on VMware Technologies Licensing. The three major Oracle on VMware licensing firms (House of Brick, LC, and VLSS) will be present to answer questions in the unrecorded open group discussion.