Straight Talk on Oracle on VMware Licensing

Cut Through the FUD and Discover the Facts about Oracle on VMware Licensing

Date & Time
March 19, 2015
1:00 pm CDT,  2:00 pm EDT 

Database Trends and Applications (DBTA)


Dave Welch, CTO & Chief Evangelist
House of Brick Technologies
Daniel Hesselink, Managing Partner
License Consulting

Don Sullivan, Marketing Manager for Business Critical Applications


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Don’t miss your chance to hear the straight talk about Oracle on VMware licensing from two of the world’s leading experts on the topic – Dave Welch, CTO and Chief Evangelist for House of Brick Technologies and Daniel Hesselink, Managing Partner of License Consulting.

Many organizations that run, or plan to run, their Oracle Business Critical Applications on VMware virtualization do not understand that the Oracle contract is agnostic to VMware and how that translates to their infrastructure. VMware, in partnership with DBTA, invites you to join this webinar for a frank presentation and conversation about Oracle on VMware licensing by the contract.

Issues addressed in the webinar include Oracle representatives’ Oracle-on-VMware assertions that:

• Soft-partitioning, a host-level concept, is disallowed
• Soft-partitioning may also be a cluster-level concept
• vSphere sub-cluster licensing is disallowed
• The so-called 10-Day Rule is moot
• Licensing of all SAN or NAS-attached vSphere hosts is required as of vSphere 5.1
• Enterprise-wide licensing is required as of vSphere 6

The webinar will also include an assessment of the recent suggestion by prominent analysts that licensees should seek a contract amendment to make the VAD and/or Oracle responsible for appropriate licensing of the licensees’ environments.