House of Brick Technologies has been recognized by industry leaders in the Microsoft, VMware, and Oracle communities as an authority on business critical systems. Through our education and public advocacy efforts, we continue to grow the community’s technical knowledge base each and every day.

Our educational offerings are widely known and available in the following areas:


SQLSaturdays, free one-day training events for SQL Server professionals, are popping up all over the country. These events feature local and nationally-known speakers, and provide a variety of high-quality technical sessions.


usergroupSQL Server User Groups

Our public advocacy extends to involvement with the SQL Server community nation-wide. We speak at SQL Server User Group meetings on a number of different SQL Server-related topics.


seminarOracle and SQL Server on VMware Boot Camps

House of Brick holds day-long seminars on SQL Server and Oracle on VMware best practices, setup and configuration details, and performance how-to’s so that organizations can get the most out of their virtualized database platforms.


bestpracticeBusiness Critical Oracle and SQL Server Best Practices

House of Brick wrote the book on how to properly virtualize database servers. We openly share, with our customers, our best practices, setup and configuration details, and performance tips and tricks. These resources help organizations not only to demonstrate virtualized database performance, but also helps them to convince others who might be skeptics.


blogPublic Education through Blogging

Our blog contains new material every week informing and educating the public with high-tech commentary on business critical systems, business continuity, virtualization, and database performance topics.



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